11.04.2022: 2nd Wine Graduates' Forum

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd Wine Graduates' Forum!

On 11. April 2022, the 24 international speakers presented their research work in 3-minute flash presentations and faced the vote of the participants of the 64th International DWV-Congress.

We congratulate the 4 winners:

  • Patrick Pascal Lehr, Universität Hohenheim: "Training grapevines generates a metabolomic signature of wine" in the category Climate Change, Viticulture, Sustainability, new Technologies, Biodiversity, and Grapevine Breeding
  • Svetlana Cvetkova, Weincampus Neustadt: "UV-C light in winemaking: a non-thermal process for the inactivation of harmful organisms" in the category Innovations in Grape Processing, Microbiology, and Winemaking
  • Meike Strobach, Hochschule Geisenheim University: "Impact of real and virtual reality (VR) tasting environments on the sensory evaluation of test sample and wine" in the category Analytics, Sensory, and Data Processing Methods
  • Barbara Richter, Hochschule Geisenheim University: "Which competive strategies can wine cooperatives persue on the German wine market?" in the category Strategic Marketing and Management

Congratulations to the following scientists for their informative presentations:

Climate Change, Viticulture, Sustainability, new Technologies, Biodiversity, Grapevine Breeding

  • Anne Johnson: Everything we do now is to make the vines healthier
  • Isabel Orts Fiestas: Molecular biology tools for studying water competition in vineyards under the context of climate change
  • Kai Konstantin Müller: Mobile device to induce heat-stress on grapevine berries
  • Loriane Merlen: Bismuth Subsalicylate, a fungistatic compound and plant defense stimulator. A potential candidate in the fight against vine wood diseases ?
  • Maria Gordillo: Evaluation of the rooting of different Vitis vinifera’s rootstocks treated with different concentrations of synthetic auxins.
  • Merek Kesser: Plant communities are affected by long-term under-vine management practices
  • Michael Krutzler: Drosophila suzukii - Protecting vine with LEDs and particle films
  • Nagarjun Malagol: Identification of a novel resistance locus contributing to sustainable viticulture
  • Serena Fantasia: Alternative to herbicide use: functional traits charaterization of promising plants for vine row sowing (NoGlyphos project).
  • Timo Strack: The influence of vineyard row orientation changes in steep slopes on grapevine fruit parameters


Innovations in Grape Processing, Microbiology, Winemaking

  • Claire Payan: Evolution of winemaking techniques in the face of Climate Change, impact on wine composition and consumer's expectation
  • Felipe Salinas Bonich: Phenolic plant concentrates as alternatives to SO2 in winemaking
  • Jennifer Badura: Transcriptional regulation of the synthesis of aroma compounds in non-conventional wine yeasts
  • Louis Backmann: Viticultural and enological strategies for the prevention of Botrytis cinerea- induced quality losses
  • Sandra Feifel: Saignée - The Remedy for an Early Harvest?


Analytics, Sensory, Data Processing Methods

  • Juliana Milheiro: An accurate method for quantification of sotolon in Port wines


Strategic Marketing and Management

  • Christoph Kiefer: Market acceptance of fungus-resistant grape varieties (FRGV) – a mixed methods study along the value chain in Germany
  • Magalie Dubois: Informational value of peers’ and experts’ ratings on perceived quality: stated and revealed preferences of wine consumers in a non-hypothetical home use-test setting.
  • Patricia Wilcox: Film as a Destination Marketing Tool for Wine Regions
  • Renato Afonso: The grapevine green leafhoppers in the Alentejo region


We thank our generous sponsors KH process TEC GmbH, FOSS Northern Europe, OGS Gesellschaft für Datenverarbeitung und Systemberatung mbH, AGCO Deutschland GmbH, as well as Professor Dr. Melané Vivier for her Keynote Speech and look forward to the 3rd Wine Graduates' Forum with you!

See you in 2025!

2nd Wine Graduates' Forum: Call for Abstracts gestartet!

Dear Wine Graduates,
On behalf of the German Winegrowers' Association (DWV) it is our pleasure to announce the 2nd Wine Graduates’ Forum, which will be held digitally on 11th April 2022.

The Wine Graduates’ Forum is a satellite meeting preceding the 64th International DWV-Congress. The objective of the Wine Graduates’ Forum is to promote innovation and developmental activities among students, researchers, and practitioners in wine industry.

Young professionals and scientists (Bachelor and Master Students, PhD, PostDocs) present their project results in flash presentations. A round table discussion devoted to improving and developing new ideas for future innovations will complement the forum. The event will culminate in a social mixer allowing to network and exchange in-formation with colleagues, peers and wine professionals.

We invite you to submit your application through the Call for Abstracts.

Accepted presenters are asked to emphasize the essentials of their ongoing or finished work in a 3+2 talk (3 minutes presentation with 3 slides + 2 minutes follow-up discussion and feedback from the Committee). The follow-up discussion is moderated by the Committee.

The Wine Graduates’ Forum is clustered into four sessions:

  • Climate Change, Viticulture, Sustainability, new Technologies, Biodiversity, and Grapevine Breeding
  • Innovations in Grape Processing, Microbiology, and Winemaking
  • Analytics, Sensory, and Data Processing Methods
  • Strategic Marketing and Management

Wine Graduates’ Forum registration is free via the DWV-Congress website (www.dwv-kongress.de) for both presenters and attendees.

Accepted presenters are financially supported by the DWV to attend the sessions of the 64th International DWV-Congress from 11th to 13th April 2022 by covering the congress registration fee.
The best presentation of each session will be awarded with 250.00 € by sponsors.

The Committee welcomes submissions from Bachelor and Master Students, PhD, PostDocs, and young professionals who are conducting or who have conducted (less than two years ago) scientific work in course of graduation in wine science.

Please apply by using the “Abstract Submission Form” (see below). The Abstract Submission Form guides you through the application process asking for your name, title, degree, etc. A questionnaire must be completed. By answering, please point out the importance of your work for a broad audience. The individual answers should not exceed 500 characters (incl. spaces).

  • What is the objective of your research?
  • Which methods are applied?
  • How does your research contribute to wine science, wine industry or society?

The submission deadline for Call for Abstracts is 20th March 2022. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Committee and results of the decision will be communicated no later than 1st April 2022.

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Prof. Dr. Melané Vivier

Professor in Grapevine Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Interim Director: South African Grape and Wine Research Institute/ Department for Viticulture and Oenology, Stellenbosch University, Südafrika


  • 11th April 2022
  • 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Digitally, the attendance fee is free, but registration is required (via www.dwv-kongress.de, starting in March)
  • The committee will stream live from Germany, but the Wine Graduates’ Forum will be conducted in English.


  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Bogs, Neustadt
  • Prof. Dr. Dominik Durner, Neustadt
  • Prof. Dr. Laura Ehm, Neustadt
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer, Neustadt
  • Prof. Dr. Maren Scharfenberger-Schmeer, Neustadt
  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Stoll, Geisenheim
  • Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki, Geisenheim
  • Dr. Michael Zänglein, Veitshöchheim