About the German wine sector


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Winegrowing areas: 13
Vineyards: 102,000 ha
Organic vineyards: ca. 8,000 ha
Wineries: ca. 18,700

With 20 million hectolitres, Germany is the fourth largest market for wine in the world. German vineyards and businesses produce an average of nine million hectolitres. This means that Germany is the tenth-largest producer of wines in the world. But, with 13 million hectolitres, Germany also leads the field where imports are concerned and, with three million hectolitres, it ranks eighth in the list of wine-exporting countries. Germany is therefore an international wine market and, as such, also of interest to the machine and supplier industries in Germany and other countries. German machines for the wine industry enjoy an excellent reputation – the phrase ‘Made in Germany’ is a benchmark.


Germany at a global level

  in global Germany percentage intern. Ranking
area under vine m. ha 7.5 0.102 1.4 % 14
wine production m. hl 267 9.1 3.5 % 10
consumption m. hl 242 19.8 8.2 % 4
consumption ltr. per capita 3.2 24.1    
external trade          
- export m. hl 104 3.2 3.9 % 8
- import m. hl 104 15.1 16.2 % 1

(source: OIV)

The German wine industry's triangle is complemented by scientific and research institutions that are both ambitious and successful. Their main priorities include the sharing of knowledge and practice-oriented consulting. Germany is known for its dual education and training system, which also enjoys a great reputation across the globe.

The fields of practical application, science and research as well as the machine industry will be meeting at the 64th International DWV-Congress and at the INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA to discuss the issues of the future.